Here’s what should have happened in the Lizzie McGuire reboot

LIZZIE MCGUIRE - “Bangs” (Disney Channel/Ali Goldstein) HILARY DUFF, ADAM LAMBERG
LIZZIE MCGUIRE - “Bangs” (Disney Channel/Ali Goldstein) HILARY DUFF, ADAM LAMBERG /

We may not be getting a Lizzie McGuire reboot any longer, but here are some things that should have happened in the Disney+ series that will never be.

It’s been years since Lizzie McGuire fans last saw Lizzie, Matt, Gordo, and Miranda on our televisions, or since we all collectively gushed about Ethan Craft. The characters were supposed to enter our lives once more with a reboot coming to Disney+, but the series was canceled before it ever really got off the ground.

If it had happened, the reboot would have shown viewers what Lizzie and the others were up to in their adult lives. And even if we’ll never get a definitive answer, we can still speculate on what the grown-up characters would have been like.

Here’s what we would have loved to see in a Lizzie McGuire reboot.

Lizzie not being married to Gordo at the beginning

Lizzie and Gordo may be the OTP of Lizzie McGuire, but that doesn’t mean they needed to start the reboot married or together. Having Lizzie single — or at least not dating Gordo — would be the way to go because the two will always be friends, and it’s usually a while before these two get together.

All we know from Hilary Duff is that Lizzie was supposed to be in her 30s and single during the upcoming reboot. To add to the drama,  Lizzie starts dating or online dating by the second episode. Perhaps she stops when she finds out Gordo is dating someone.

Miranda being a successful therapist

Something we’d love to see in a Lizzie McGuire reboot is Miranda becoming a therapist and helping kids who are dealing with eating disorders. She would be great at this because she went through it in the original show, so she could relate to her clients. In the show, Miranda seems to be able to relate to others who are struggling in a way that Lizzie isn’t always able to. This empathy would allow her to help teenagers struggling with the same problems, and going this route would highlight her character growth from the original series.

Matt starting a podcast and dishing about his family

Lizzie’s brother, Matt, has always loved embarrassing his sister, and we could definitely see him having his own podcast called “What Is Lizzie Up to Now” or something to that effect. After all, who doesn’t love a podcast nowadays? And Matt would end up being successful with it because he’d learn early on how to promote it.

Lizzie working double time as a designer and mother

Okay, hear us out: Lizzie could have been a fashion designer working in a big city. Lizzie has always been into fashion, so it’s easy to imagine her working as a fashion designer in New York or Los Angeles.

However, things don’t always go as planned. It’d be pretty interesting if, at the beginning of the reboot, Lizzie has a kid and is struggling with balancing work and home life. Of course, Lizzie would want to show her kid that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

Bonus idea: Lizzie and Gordo start co-parenting and by the middle of the series they start to have feelings for each other.

Gordo making his way onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 list

Gordo thinks the worst of himself in the career episode of Lizzie McGuire, but he’s actually an intelligent kid. He is capable of being a CEO and helping others by investing in other start-up companies, so that’s what he should have been up to when the reboot began.

Gordo’s always been intelligent and kind, so there’s no doubt he’d find himself on Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 list in no time.

Ethan Craft and Kate having a divorce scandal

Ethan Craft and Kate would totally be getting divorced when the reboot started — or if not, soon after. Since Ethan’s an actor, this would become a scandal for the general public.

Since they’re all adults now, though, Lizzie and Kate would be cordial enough with one another to allow Lizzie to help. We could see Lizzie offering to let Kate stay with her if she’s willing to watch Lizzie’s kid, or something along those lines.

Lizzie’s Dad retired while her mom works as a principal

By this time, Lizzie’s Mom would still want to work and by now she’s moved up to being a principal at a local high school. On the other hand, Lizzie’s Dad would want to retire and spend time with his grandson. Matt would ask him to come on the podcast and they would talk about the time Lizzie was a pop star in Rome. Isabella would be a surprise guest star and they would talk about how Paolo’s career was still ruined.

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So, even though we’re disappointed that we’re not getting a Lizzie McGuire reboot, at least we can take solace in our theories — and the fact that we can always rewatch the show.

Are you disappointed that the Lizzie McGuire reboot was canceled?  Tell us your thoughts about what should have happened in the reboot in the comments!