Goodbye, Snow White’s Scary Adventures: Snow White’s Enchanted Wish comes to Disneyland

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(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images) /

Disneyland revamps a classic ride to be Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

Thanks to a recent reveal, we now know that Snow White’s Enchanted Wish is the reimagined version of Snow White’s Scary Adventures at Disneyland. While happily ever after is often a staple of many princess stories, this reimagining of the classic ride in Fantasyland has a different look and feel. Has the evil witch been banned forever?

While Disney had previously announced that the Snow White ride would have a refurbishment, the recent glimpse into the changes might not have been what everyone had expected. Although Disney is always known for making magical memories, the changes to this Snow White ride seem to take a different view of the classic fairy tale. In a way, the Grimm scary elements seem to be replaced with the lighter side of the story.

As seen in the recently released video from Disney, the Disney designers have taken the approach of giving Snow White her happily ever after. Here is a glimpse from Disney:

Anyone who has been on Snow White Scary Tales knows that the evil witch was a feature of the story. While not necessarily meant to be a haunted attraction, the dark ride did have a spookier feel to it. But that idea often adhered to the true fairy tale idea. Those classic stories had more of a twisted fate versus that happily ever after.

Looking at this revamp, there is a sparkly, lighter tone for the new ride. For some people, the mine images might remind them of the vibrant tones from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. While not the same, the jewels and lighter feel seems to have a connection.

Also, the paint tones of pinks and golds seem to be a growing trend on Disney attractions. As seen in the recent makeover of Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, those similar colors shine brightly. Although not the traditional look for the castle, the more modern color scheme seems to appeal to a younger audience.

While Disney revealed some of the changes, it did not share every aspect. As fans await the opportunity to reenter the Disney Parks, there is much speculation about the role of the Evil Queen in this classic Disney attraction. While she sought to stop Snow White’s happily ever after, it will be interesting to see how much of a role she still plays in the story line.

Recently Disney has taken different approaches to ride re-imaginations. Although more fans are looking for villains to play a significant role in experiences and attractions, there is a decidedly happier, lighthearted feel to many attractions. Putting aside the modernization based on cultural standards, it is interesting to see decidedly darker characters fade into the background.

For now, fans have just this glimpse at the re-imagined Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. While Snow White might have her happily ever after on this ride, Disneyland fans are still waiting for the theme park gates to reopen to welcome them back to their happiest place on Earth.

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What do you think of the re-imagining of the Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ride? Do you wish that Disney would create a villains centered attraction?