His Dark Materials season 2 episode 6 live stream: Watch online

Amir Wilson, Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials season 2. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO
Amir Wilson, Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials season 2. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO /

The sixth episode of His Dark Materials season 2 airs tonight. Here’s what you need to know to watch the continuing adventures of Lyra Silvertongue.

On last week’s episode of His Dark Materials, Mrs. Coulter reunited with her daughter in a shocking moment as Lyra and Will schemed to steal back the alethiometer. Meanwhile, Mary Malone set out on a mission as directed by Dust, entering into a new world.

With only two episodes left of the second season of His Dark Materials, all storylines seem to be converging at last, but there are many questions left unanswered.

HBO’s official synopsis (per IMDb) for “Malice” reads:

"“Lyra and Will find allies who can help them in their search for Will’s father. The Magisterium learn something shocking, and Mrs Coulter meets a formidable foe.”"

Watch HBO’s official preview for “Malice” below:

As seen above, “Malice” will reintroduce the witches and the Magisterium who have competing interests, both centered on Lyra. We’ll also get back to Lee Scoresby and Jopari’s flight to find the subtle knife, now with Will and Lyra.

At the macro level, the season has been focused on the larger prophecy that Lyra is somehow involved in, revealing last week that Mary Malone is also a figure, too.

With more elements and figures colliding and heading toward war, the prophecy itself is something that will likely play out in the third season and be set up in the final episodes.

Mrs. Coulter, Mary Malone, and Will and Lyra themselves are also seen minimally in the preview, but what exactly will happen in this episode…we’ll have to watch to find out.

Here’s how you can watch His Dark Materials online tonight:

"Air Date: Monday, December 21Time: 9:00 p.m. ETEpisode: “Malice”TV Channel: HBOLive Stream: You can watch live on HBO or stream via HBO Max."

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