Are you pinning the perfect hypothetical vacation to your vision board?

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While the world holds their passport in anticipation, could a hypothetical vacation become real?

Although cruises have started to resume and theme parks are open, the hypothetical vacation seems to be a travel trend for 2021. After months of virtual escapes around the world, travelers are still dreaming of that epic vacation. Luckily, Pinterest holds the inspiration.

In the recently released 2021 Pinterest Predictions, the hypothetical vacation looks to be on the rise. Whether it is people looking to plan their next great escape or just dreaming of that picture perfect getaway, Pinterest and its pins offer that visual escape.

According to Pinterest predictions, it seems that people are searching while dreaming of that perfect getaway. From that postponed bucket list trip that that memorable honeymoon, it seems that those pins are a virtual vision board.

Although travel still has an air of uncertainty, the idea of the hypothetical vacation holds a lot of appeal. People can escape into the what-if scenario. From that glimpse into the stunning sunset vista to the exploration of that historical castle, these boards give that glimpse into the wanderlust. Even if instant gratification is unavailable, planning can be satisfying.

In addition to the hypothetical vacation, Pinterest predicts that the great outdoors will continue to captivate travelers’ attentions. As seen throughout this past year, more people have taken to explore National Parks as well as quick local natural resources. While it might not necessarily be a “foresting” experience, the outdoors are definitely in.

Although the exact reasoning for this appreciation of the outdoors is unclear, there is an element of escapism to the trend. As people get tired of “staying in,” the opportunity to hike a trail or just walk through a field can be that moment of calm that people crave. When people have overlooked all that natural for so long, now they see it anew with a fresh pair of eyes.

Looking at ahead to 2021, it seems possible that the next “it” photo won’t be in front of a bustling street. Instead, it could be a quiet moment surrounded by the beauty of nature. As long as everyone respects the locales, this travel trend could be a good thing.

While Pinterest predicts an increase in outdoor travel, it coincides with a trend in RV travel. As seen in the past year, more people are taking to renting RVs for that next road trip. Although the concept does take planning, it is a better way to travel than that old school 80s station wagon or your mom’s mini-van.

Even though people wish for a magic wand to take that passport on the next great adventure, the future is uncertain. Still, the hypothetical vacation can captivate the mind until that next airplane seat opens.

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What do you think will be the next travel trend? Have you already started to plan your next great adventure?