His Dark Materials season 2 episode 5 live stream: Watch online

Photo: His Dark Materials.. Courtesy of HBO
Photo: His Dark Materials.. Courtesy of HBO /

The fifth episode of His Dark Materials season 2 airs tonight. Here’s what you need to know to watch the continuing adventures of Lyra Silvertongue.

We reached the halfway point of the second season on last week’s His Dark Materials as two pivotal moments happened. Will obtained the subtle knife in a violent battle in Cittàgazze and Lee Scoresby finally found Stanislaus Grumman, who now goes by Jopari.

Where we left off, Will is now in possession of a powerful tool that can open windows into new worlds, but Lyra is still without the alethiometer. With only three episodes left and the conspiracy and prophecy unfurling ever wider, let’s see what’s in store for tonight’s episode of His Dark Materials.

HBO’s official synopsis (per IMDb) for “The Scholar” reads:

"“Will and Lyra set out to retrieve what’s been lost. Mary takes a leap of faith.”"

Watch HBO’s official preview for “The Scholar” below:

According to the preview above, “The Scholar” looks like it will be another heavy Mrs. Coulter episode as the plot revolves back around to the Magisterium conspiracy. It also appears she will cross paths with Mary Malone on her quest to find Lyra. But will Mary betray Lyra or keep her safe?

We know that Lyra and Will set out to obtain the subtle knife in order to barter with Lord Boreal in exchange for the alethiometer’s safe return. But now that Will understands its purpose, will they give it back? And if not, how will they retrieve the golden compass?

Here’s how you can watch His Dark Materials online tonight:

"Air Date: Monday, December 14Time: 9:00 p.m. ETEpisode: “The Scholar”TV Channel: HBOLive Stream: You can watch live on HBO or stream via HBO Max."

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