The Harry Potter series and its long list of tragic characters that fans love


For whatever reason, so many of the characters in the Harry Potter series have incredibly tragic backstories so let’s take a look at why they exist that way and why we, as fans, love them.

The Harry Potter series has so many characters that tend to lean into these tragic tropes. Whether it is their parents hating them or even up to Hermione having to erase the memories of her parents to protect them, there are layers upon layers of tragedy that follow the characters of the series.

You can look at any character and see their journey and how tragic it can turn. Ron Weasley lost his brother, Neville Longbottom didn’t have his parents just like Harry, and so on and so forth. But why? It is that it makes these characters more interesting to us all? Or is there something else that draws us to characters who have clearly been through something?

For whatever reason, there isn’t really a single character in the Harry Potter series that hasn’t been through it all. Even to a small degree. All of the Marauders suffered and Harry and his friends all had their struggles as well. It is like they were given the power of magic but also had to suffer because of it.

But maybe this is why we like learning about the series. Why we come back time and time again. Because these characters to have so many levels and each time we look at them, we discover something new. So the tragic nature of the Harry Potter series helps brings us back over and over again and it is interesting.

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