Donate to this Star Wars GoFundMe that goes to the Transgender Law Center this month!

The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Fan of the Harry Potter series as well as Star Wars? Make sure to donate to this GoFundMe to help support the Transgender Law Center! It’s for a great cause and to show our support of the trans community!

Fans of both the Star Wars franchise and the world of Harry Potter have to do their part to support the trans community. From J.K. Rowling and her transphobic remarks to the transphobia happening around some cast members of the world of Star Wars, fans are doing their part to stand up and donate where they can.

The GoFundMe was started when the importance of pronouns was mocked by one of the stars of The Mandalorian and with Rosario Dawson (who plays Ahsoka Tano) currently in a court case, it’s important for fans to continue to show their support of the trans community.

And fans of the Harry Potter series can do their part. And most of us are fans of Star Wars as well but supporting the trans community doesn’t have to be a strictly fandom thing. We should use the love we have for these properties to love those fans who feel hurt and pushed aside by the franchises in question right now.

Which means donating to these causes and making sure that the trans community knows that we have their back. With this particularly GoFundMe, the proceeds go to the Transgender Law Center and that’s a great way for fans to support the trans community!

It’s important for us, as fans, to reach out to those harmed by what is happening in both of these franchises and show our support and this is just one small way to do so!

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