The Mandalorian season 2: The 5 best moments from Chapter 12

The Mandalorian season 2, chapter 12
The Mandalorian season 2, chapter 12 /

The latest episode of The Mandalorian reunites Mando with old friends and shows them taking on the Empire yet again.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian Chapter 12.

Last week’s episode of The Mandalorian is arguably still the best of season two so far, but Chapter 12 capitalized on the reappearance of already-established characters, more Baby Yoda moments, and clashes with the Empire to deliver another solid installment this week.

As the new season hits the halfway point (yes, already), developments are arising that could very well ramp up the action in the remaining episodes. Not only are we about to see what’s left of the Empire — and Moff Gideon — get more serious about their hunt for the Child, but Mando is getting closer to discovering what the Empire wants with Baby Yoda and finding out what happened to his people.

There’s plenty to look forward to in the latter half of season two, but for now, let’s reflect on our favorite moments from The Mandalorian‘s Chapter 12.

The Red Wire

We’ll be the first to admit that most of our “best moments” involve Baby Yoda, and this week’s opener is almost too adorable to handle. Given the state of Mando’s ship at the end of Chapter 11, it’s probably no surprise that it’s already in serious need of repair — and having Baby Yoda play with its wires probably wasn’t the greatest idea our bounty-hunting protagonist has ever had.

Still, watching Mando teach the Child colors — all while the little one attempts to fix their wire issues — is just *chef’s kiss*. (We love any scene where Mando needs to parent!)

Of course, Baby Yoda’s efforts don’t actually fix the ship, which leads to more satisfying scenes…or reunions, really…

Reunions on Nevarro

This episode of The Mandalorian takes Mando and the Child back to Nevarro, where they reunite with Cara Dune and Greef Karga. Trying (with some difficulty) to put the recent controversies surrounding Gina Carano aside, it’s nice to see Mando teaming up with characters we already know — and there’s no denying this trio has chemistry onscreen that makes any episode of this series more enjoyable.

Fans also get to see Mythrol, the first bounty we see Mando capture back in season one, crop up again in this episode. It’s comical to watch as he reluctantly helps Greef Karga to pay off his debt to him, and the awkwardness between he and Mando is still pretty ripe.

The Child Goes to School

Yes, we’re using another brief Baby Yoda moment for our top five, and yes, it’s the scene where he goes and joins a classroom full of other kids. Honestly, the Child could use some friends who aren’t his Dadalorian, though he probably won’t make many when he’s so busy stealing their snacks.

(Baby Yoda eating macarons is the obvious winner of The Mandalorian Chapter 12, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying!)

The Imperial Remnant Base

As far as action goes, the best part of this week’s episode is, hands down, when the reunited group invades and takes down an Imperial base. The goal is to prevent the base from using its weaponry on the new and improved Nevarro, and the entire takedown is incredibly reminiscent of A New Hope (which is probably why we love it so much).

It’s not just the action that makes this part of Chapter 12 so interesting either. Not only does Mando realize that Moff Gideon is, in fact, still kicking — leading him to immediately run back to Baby Yoda — but fans find out what Dr. Pershing back in season one was doing to Baby Yoda in the first place. (Hint: He needed the Child’s blood because of its midi-chlorians, which begs the question of what they needed them for.)

It’s possible this will tie into the Skywalker Saga somehow, or perhaps we’ll  see some new villainy at play. Either way, this raises interesting questions about the show’s plot going forward. It’s a nice change of pace from the more episodic installments we’ve gotten thus far.

Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon moments are almost as exciting as Baby Yoda moments, and we probably have Giancarlo Esposito to thank for that. The episode ends with the realization that Moff Gideon has gotten the mechanic who fixed Mando’s ship to place a tracker on it — meaning we’re about to see some serious conflict in the latter half of season two.

As Mando and the Child set out to find Ahsoka Tano, Moff Gideon will be in pursuit of them. Things could get seriously interesting with that setup…

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What were your favorite moments from this week’s episode of The Mandalorian? Tell us in the comments below!