Harry Potter and the Christmas that he spent with his parents


All Harry Potter really wanted was to be with his family so let’s talk about the Christmas that he spent with his parents in Godric’s Hollow.

Harry Potter technically spent two Christmases with his parents. The first when he was a few months old and celebrating the holiday with them for the first time. The second was years later when he and Hermione would go to Godric’s Hollow and see their grave.

For James and Lily Potter, they didn’t really get time with their son. But Harry got time with their memories. He got to imagine what they would have been like growing up and how they would have treated him and that’s what makes his visit to Godric’s Hollow so upsetting. He’s spending a Christmas with his parents, one he can finally remember, and it’s standing at their grave while he and Hermione are trying to take on Voldemort by themselves.

It’s all overwhelming and for fans of the series, it’s upsetting to see as Harry continues to struggle with their death. From the very first time we learn of Lily and James, we can see that Harry is just a kid trying to find his place without a family. But then he finds the Mirror of Erised and can see his desires, which are sadly his parents.

With each passing book, it is a constant look at Harry’s struggle to find his place without them and standing at their graves as he’s coming up against the biggest battle of his life just hits home how lonely Harry can be.

So that Christmas where Hermione and Harry stood in the snow is important because it meant Harry spent a holiday with his parents that he could recall and it is upsetting yet emotional to know that that’s all he sort of wanted from the beginning of the series.

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