Hedwig is the only character who never gave up on Harry Potter


Even his best friends, at some point, had to leave Harry Potter or were not there for him when he needed them. But Hedwig was always there for Harry and tried to support him.

Hedwig has always been there for Harry Potter. From the minute Hagrid brought her to this young boy, they were inseparable until Hedwig sacrificed herself to protect Harry as he prepared for the final battle against Voldemort. But when you look at their journey throughout the entire series, she’s also the only one who was always there for him.

Like most friendships, there was an up and down to Harry’s relationships with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. They always came together when it mattered and were there for each other but they didn’t have a perfect friendship without fighting and it led to Harry being alone sometimes when he really needed them.

When he didn’t have Dumbledore or Sirius Black on his side, he had to try and find his way through things to figure out what was the next move for himself. But with Hedwig, she was always there to protect him and would make sure that he was doing what he needed to and it is an important relationship to explore.

So often, she’s diminished to just his “owl” but Hedwig was more than that. She was the first being that was Harry’s constant companion and was there for him even when he was at the Dursleys. She was at his side and that’s what makes her sacrifice that much harder to take a look at.

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