10 YA book releases we’re feeling thankful for this November

Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer. Image courtesy Macmillan Publishing Group
Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer. Image courtesy Macmillan Publishing Group /
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Super Fake Love Song by David Yoon

Best known for Everything, Everything and Frankly in Love, David Yoon is returning this month with Super Fake Love Song, another YA rom-com that’s bound to have us in our feelings when we’re finished with it. This love story begins with a mistaken identity — and sounds like it becomes all kinds of wacky from that point onward.

The story follows Sunny Dae, a nerdy teen whose self-esteem could use some improvement. And when he meets Cirrus for the first time, her confidence totally outshines him — which is why he winds up telling her that he’s his older brother, Gray, when she stumbles upon his bedroom one day. From there, his lie about being the lead singer in a rock band unravels in all kinds of crazy ways. According to the book’s synopsis:

"“Before he knows it, Sunny is knee-deep in the lie: He ropes his best friends into his scheme, begging them to form a fake band with him, and starts wearing Gray’s rock-and-roll castoffs. But no way can he trick this amazing girl into thinking he’s cool, right? Just when Sunny is about to come clean, Cirrus asks to see them play sometime. Gulp.”"

Naturally, Sunny continues to pretend he’s someone he’s not, but he knows his lies will come to expose him somewhere down the line — probably when he least expects it. If you’re a fan of a little self-exploration with your romance, Super Fake Love Song might be just the YA story for you.

Super Fake Love Song arrives in print, ebook, and audiobook format on November 17.

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