Will shows stop making references to the Harry Potter series now?


For so long, shows have gotten to rely on the Harry Potter series to make jokes and use easy references. But now that many are stopping their talks of the series due to Rowling, will the series be referenced as much?

The Harry Potter series was, unfortunately, an easy target in shows and movies. Whether it was calling out someone’s Hogwarts house or making a reference to one of the titles of the books, shows seemed to do it frequently. But now, as we head into an era of people trying to distance themselves from the series as a whole, will that change?

After Rowling continued to double-down on transphobic rhetoric on her Twitter account and blog posts, many fans have decided that they didn’t want to be a part of the fandom any longer. Which I, personally, understand and agree with (that’s why I try and pick an organization that supports different trans organizations each month to spotlight here at Wizards And Whatnot).

But when it comes to pop culture, are people going to stop making references to it? Will those references switch to bringing up Rowling and her social media presence? Who is to say but it will be interesting to look at because so many relied on that fanbase to laugh at those jokes and enjoy them and now that’s not really something anyone wants to turn to.

So, maybe the references stop. Maybe they change, but at least we had them for a little while, right?

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Do you think shows will stop linking back to the series? Or will they continue to rely on the fans of the Harry Potter franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below!