Netflix announces Emily in Paris season 2 with some je ne sais quois

Netflix’s Emily in Paris will have a season 2. The streaming company made some creative marketing choices to announce the new season.

The season finale of Emily in Paris ends with Emily being given some good news. Gabriel, Emily’s main love interest is staying in Paris. She then gets a text from her friend Cami, Gabriel’s ex, saying she heard Gabriel is staying and she needs to talk to her. The joy from the good news she just heard left her face and the episode ends. It’s a mouth dropping cliffhanger but we will get an answer to all our questions. Season 2 is coming!

Netflix made a creative announcement by creating a fictional Savoir memo from Emily’s boss Sylvie. The memo is to Madeline Wheeler from the Gilbert Group, Emily’s former boss, saying that Sylvie regrettably decided to extend Emily’s stay in Paris.

Despite her lack of experience in fashion, she developed some great client relationships.



Another creative announcement of “Emily in Paris” season 2 is a short video posted on Netflix’s Twitter.

The video shows each character saying deux as they do an activity in twos. Antoine sprays two puffs of cologne on his neck and Gabriel cooks two eggs in his kitchen. The last character is Emily receiving two text messages from her beaus, one from Mathieu and the other from Gabriel. She exhales a frustrated deux and the video ends saying “Deux is better than un. Emily in Paris will return for Season 2.”

These two marketing strategies match what the show is about. The show follows a marketing executive navigating the French culture and language, and Emily’s natural talent with social media marketing. These announcements will make fans of the show excited by the news but impatiently waiting for their daily dose of Emily’s Paris.

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What’s your favorite episode of Emily in Paris? What do you want to see in season 2? Let us know in the comments!