20 thoughts I had watching Fear the Walking Dead 606

Jenna Elfman as June, Colby Minifie as Virginia - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Jenna Elfman as June, Colby Minifie as Virginia - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Fear the Walking Dead’s epic upgrade continues in this Sunday’s episode “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg” and we’ve got a spoiler-free preview.

Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t had a bad episode so far in season 6, and the upcoming episode “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg” ups the ante considerably.

The story threads that have been dropping in the first five episodes are starting to come together, presumably, they’re all going to connect somehow in the midseason finale or the season 6B premiere which unfortunately won’t air until later this year.

In the preview for Fear TWD 606 “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg” we see John and June in a car discussing running away from Virginia and hiding out at John’s cabin. June seems torn between wanting to escape and wanting to stay to help people.

Her hesitation is exactly why Virginia splits people up. The people under her control are far less likely to run or cause problems when the people they love are in another settlement. No one wants to leave their loved ones behind.

The synopsis for the episode indicates that the story is centered at the oil field, so fans will finally get to see Luciana again. At the end of season 5 when the others went to the Gulch, Luciana had already agreed to stay behind and run the gas production at the oil field.

The synopsis says:

"“A deadly explosion in the oil fields sends June on a mission to save as many lives as possible. But, an investigation by Virginia threatens to undermine June’s work.”"

So I knew going in after seeing the preview and reading the synopsis this episode was going to be a big one. However, I wasn’t prepared for the scale of the action or how one explosion would change the trajectory of the story.

Here are 20 spoiler-free thoughts while watching Fear the Walking Dead “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg”:

  1. This is going to end badly.
  2. Colby Minifie plays a great villain.
  3. The gore got as much of an upgrade as the story this season.
  4. Love the artful use of callbacks this season. A brilliant way to keep the characters connected in the story.
  5. Things have gone awry at Tank Town.
  6. Luciana!
  7. That escalated quickly.
  8. Literal hellscape oh my God.
  9. That’s definitely going to change things.
  11. Virginia definitely on my Arya style kill list.
  13. Didn’t see that coming.
  15. This. Is. INCREDIBLE.
  16. Do it! Do it! Do it!
  17. :: internal screaming::
  18. Humanity. A strength and a weakness.
  19. You are definitely going to regret that.
  20. Are you trying to wreck me Fear TWD? Because you’re wrecking me.

A mid-season finale feel

Usually shows in The Walking Dead universe can be counted on to deliver their biggest episodes at either the mid-season finale or the season finale. But Fear the Walking Dead “Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg” has the feel of a mid-season finale even though it isn’t one. There’s definitely something much bigger coming.

The season 6A mid-season finale is coming up fast

There are only seven completed episodes of Fear TWD for season 6. 6B filming was interrupted but has started up again. That means there’s only one episode left for 6A after this episode and it’s sure to be a big one.

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