It would be nice to break the Harry Potter series away from J.K. Rowling


There is beauty to other creatives getting to play in a universe and creating their own stories and that needs to happen with the Harry Potter series sooner rather than later.

For so many fans, the Harry Potter series is now changed. We can’t see it the same way because of what J.K. Rowling has said on Twitter and written in her blog. And trying to see a future where other creatives can take over the series and separate itself from Rowling seems pretty far off.

But it is something that should happen. Mainly because it feels strange, in a lot of ways, for these properties to be completely told by just one person, especially after they have branched off from the original world. Yes, of course, Rowling created this story, but look at Star Wars and what happened once it was separated from George Lucas.

We got incredible new stories and all different creatives bringing to life characters and stories they wanted to see in a different galaxy. The Harry Potter series could truly benefit from the same thing. Especially now and especially if marginalized creatives are brought in to explore the series and in charge of telling these stories.

It’s really the best option moving forward because anything that is completely Rowling’s doing is going to separate fans and cause an even deeper divide in the franchise than there already is. But taking a step back and separating the series from Rowling, especially now, is the best move moving forward.

The question then just becomes if/when that would happen or if Rowling would even let it happen. Until then, who knows what’s going to happen with the future of the Potter series.

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