Passionflix delivers a new teaser for Gabriel’s Inferno Part 3

Julianne and Gabriel rendezvous in the orchard in a new Gabrile’s Inferno teaser

It’s the little details that make Sylvain Reynard’s fans the happiest, and that’s why the cinematic adaptation of Gabriel’s Inferno has found the best possible home with Tosca Musk and her talented team at Passionflix. As Part 3’s release date approaches, the romance streamer shared a key scene in a new teaser that had fans wanting more.

The new teaser is a scene taken from chapter 26 in the book, when Gabriel and Julianne go out into the orchard together for the first time since discovering their shared histories. Gabriel (Giulio Berruti) tells Julianne (Melanie Zanetti) that “sonnets could be written about [her] mouth.” Swoon!

Sylvain Reynard’s fans know that this idyllic moment comes right before a key scene between Julianne and her ex-boyfriend Simon, a scene that changes everything for the couple.

In fact, Simon rears his ugly head at the very end of the second installment of the trilogy, creating the perfect cliffhanger leading into the third and final installment that sees Gabriel and Julianne celebrating Thanksgiving with their families and heading to Florence to consummate their relationship.

Now that Passionflix is back at work, fans can look forward to five new holiday Quickies this season. Filming has begun on Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked in New Orleans, and Musk will be working on the sequel to K. Bromberg’s Driven series, complete with a new actor playing Colton! In fact, stay tuned for more news as Passionflix introduces fans to the mystery actor soon.

If you’re not a Passionflix member, now is a great time to subscribe or consider gifting a subscription to a special someone this holiday season. Passionflix is a company that places a high value on women in the entertainment industry and being a subscriber directly supports their work.