Neil Gaiman talks American Gods season 3, announces January premiere

Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Odin (Ian McShane) in American Gods season 2 episode 6 / Credit: Starz
Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Odin (Ian McShane) in American Gods season 2 episode 6 / Credit: Starz /

Author Neil Gaiman took to Twitter to pass along some information about American Gods’ upcoming third season, including when we can expect to see it air.

In many ways, American Gods the television series has had as wild and confusing a story as any of the characters in the Neil Gaiman novel upon which it is based.

From rotating showrunners, fired cast members, and alleged behind-the-scenes discrimination by producers, there’s been much more focus on the drama happening off-screen as anything going on in its fictional world.

But as we look forward to the series’ upcoming third season, it seems like things may be back on track. At least, according to Gaiman.

The author and series executive producer took to Twitter to address the state of the show, discuss its upcoming season, and stress how relatable and necessary its themes are in our current times.

According to Gaiman, the new season is “full of drama and emotion” and “really good”.  So let’s all cross our fingers that American Gods can reclaim some of its first season brilliance headed into its third.

The author also announced that season 3 will officially premiere on January 10 on Starz, following a weekend-long marathon of the series that will include both seasons 1 and 2.

“When we embarked upon making season 3 of American Gods, we had no idea how timely it would turn out to be,” Gaiman writes. “We knew we wanted to return to what people loved and responded to in the book: that it was time for Shadow to go to the little town of Lakeside and try to lose himself in normality. And at the same time, in season 3, we wanted to focus on the characters and their journeys. To show Shadow forging a path guided by the Gods of his ancestors, becoming more himself while deciding who he is and what side he’s on — humanity’s or that of the Gods.”

“We knew also that we wanted to continue to root the show in the landscapes of America. To explore what ‘America’ means to its people and to talk about immigrants — about the very different people who came to this remarkable land and brought their gods with them,” Gaiman’s note continues.

“The new gods of phone and app and glitter demand our attention and our love, and the old gods want to mean something again. America must be for all of us, and American Gods must reflect that.”

Season 3 will begin around Chapter Nine of Gaiman’s book, which sees Shadow hide out in a small, frozen town that suddenly finds itself beset by mystical forces.

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American Gods season 3 will premiere on Starz on January 10.