Harry Potter vs. Bruce Wayne: How the two are not that different from each other


Born into a world alone and struggling to become the heroes they were meant to become, both Harry Potter and Bruce Wayne are not that different from each other when you look at them.

Harry Potter barely knew his parents and had to learn how he was meant to be a hero after going to Hogwarts. Bruce Wayne did remember his parents and used their legacy to help him because the hero that Gotham needed. When you stop and break down both of these characters, they’re actually not that different.

In the grand scheme of the Harry Potter series, we’re seeing a young boy learn what it means to stand up to the evil of the world and finish what his parents started. Batman is sort of the same. He’s someone who is trying to make Gotham into the city that his father thought it could be and taking out the evil of the world in the meantime.

The thing is: Harry Potter is, in a lot of ways, like a lot of the superheroes we know and love because he’s just thrust into this life and trying to find the best way to navigate it. Harry might not be the best choice or even someone who wants this life but he does it because it’s what his parents would have done and, in a lot of ways, that’s also what Bruce Wayne did.

So looking at both Harry and Bruce: they’re both rich, both dedicated to taking down evil, two characters who do it to honor their parents so they’re not that different.

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Do you think that Harry Potter and Bruce Wayne are that different? Or is it a similar kind of story? Let us know what you think in the comments below!