Harry Potter and Star Wars: The difference between the two created universes

The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Fans of both the Harry Potter series and Star Wars can see that the two have a lot of comparisons between them. So what differs between these two worlds other than the obvious?

Other than one being about witches and the other being about space, the worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars have a lot you can compare. Both transport fans to a world we wish we could live in, they have a man who was told he is the one to save everyone, and there are plenty of fun characters that we meet along the way.

The difference though is that the Star Wars world has, surprisingly, let us explore more female stories than the Harry Potter series. Sadly, the Potter series is a bit behind on representation in a lot of ways but even the female characters of the series play second fiddle to the male characters at the center of the story.

With Star Wars, the sequel trilogy placed Rey at the center and even before then, we had characters like Padme and Leia who were focal points of the franchise. Yes, there are plenty of other differences between them but this is a glaring issue that shows that the Harry Potter series may have given us characters to look up to but it is still a particularly male-heavy story.

Maybe if other creators get to take on Potter at some point, we’ll start to see a change but it would be nice to have a female character at the center of this story.

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