Dobby’s journey with Harry Potter and how they became unlikely friends


When Harry Potter thought his friends didn’t like him, Dobby was the one behind it all but they slowly changed into an unlikely friendship so let’s explore the beauty of it.

Dobby came to Harry when he was trying to protect him from going back to Hogwarts. But as the series goes on, Harry and he form an unlikely friendship and it is one of the most beautiful in the series. A house-elf who serves the Malfoys, Dobby escapes when Harry realizes that he could free the house-elf without Lucius Malfoy realizing.

But throughout the book series, Dobby continues to come back to help Harry when he needs it and, in the end, sacrifices himself to make sure that his friends are safe and survive. That, when you break it down, is one of the main reasons why fans love this character and friendship so much.

When we first meet Dobby, we probably thought he was annoying because he was trying to keep Harry from Hogwarts. But as time went on, he tried to help until he sacrificed himself for the Boy Who Lived and he’s one of the first to do that for Harry no questions asked.

So many others in this series would use Harry, try and make sure he was okay to take on Voldemort, but wouldn’t put Harry and his needs first. But then came Dobby and his dedication to Harry and their friendship and it is heartbreaking to watch unfold but at least we got to meet Dobby and see his journey with Harry in the end because it meant so much to fans.

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