Ariana Grande has our vote after that ‘Positions’ music video

The music video for Ariana Grande’s new single, “Positions,” shows the singer as the new Commander in Chief — and hey, she’s got our vote.

Ariana Grande dropped a new single ahead of her upcoming album — one that should be coming soon if 2020 has any mercy on us — and “Positions” is a bop even without the visual effects that come with a music video. But since the music video dropped this week, we’ve officially become obsessed with this song — and the image of Grande as Commander in Chief.

In line with the political songs and videos celebrities have been releasing at rapid pace lately, Grande’s video opens with her in D.C., leading an administration that looks more diverse than any we’ve ever seen (probably because there’s not a single white man at the table). It’s a jarring change of pace from our current reality, and for that alone, she’s got our vote.

Watch the video for “Positions” below: 

In line with the video’s sentiment that women can and should hold positions of power — a concept that gives all-new meaning to the song and its lyrics — Grande looks almost bored while sitting at her desk and working. And when the scene changes to her in the kitchen and then sitting in her bedroom it drives home the message that, yes, women really can do it all.

Grande always comes out with bops, but you have to respect her ability to drive home a message through her music videos as well. If anything, we’re even more excited about her new album because of this. Let’s keep that girl power coming.

What do you think of the music video for “Positions”? Are you excited for Ariana Grande’s new album? Sound off in the comments below!