The potential that the Harry Potter series could have if other creatives got to write for it


For so long, J.K. Rowling has been in charge of the Harry Potter series and while so many of us do not want to support her work, it’d be a great time for Warner Bros. to let other creatives explore the franchise.

Before we get into other people taking on Harry Potter, it’s important to note that artistic integrity is important. But with that being said, when Rowling revealed her true nature and refuses to recognize how dangerous her transphobic tweets are, it is time for someone else to get to explore the world of Harry Potter.

With these bigger properties, the worlds that are laid out before us often get explored by others. Bringing their own stories and explorations to the series. Instead, we’re just seeing Rowling’s visions for this world and that’s that.

But giving others a chance to explore the wizarding world? Letting members of the LGBTQ+ community tackle stories or letting artists tell their own versions of this world would be so incredibly interesting and would separate it from Rowling.

Sure, right now, she’s still benefitting from anything Potter related and hopefully, that will change soon. Hopefully, like a lot of other properties, it can no longer be connected to her so completely. George Lucas isn’t completely in control of Star Wars anymore and Star Trek has lived on past Gene Roddenberry.

We can explore this series and not have Rowling involved and that’s one way that this series can belong back to the fans that made it what it was to begin with.

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Do you think the series could benefit from someone else taking a story instead of Rowling having her hands in all of it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!