What to watch on Netflix: Whose Vote Counts, Explained

Whose Vote Counts, Explained. Image courtesy Netflix
Whose Vote Counts, Explained. Image courtesy Netflix /

The election is two weeks away and we’ve got voting on the brain. Check out Whose Vote Counts, Explained on Netflix!

It’s getting down to the wire in the presidential election. Many people who will be exercising their right to vote have either already registered or cast their ballot. but there are still those who are on the fence. Regardless of whether you plan to vote or if you’ve yet to decide, we urge you to check out Whose Vote Counts, Explained on Netflix.

The mini docuseries is 75 minutes long and each 25-minute episode breaks down a topic that focuses on the importance of voting on both the national and local level. Whose Vote Counts Explained opens with a discussion about the right to vote and how it has evolved from its earliest days as a privilege only wealthy, landowning white men could exercise at the beginning of America’s sovereignty.

Historian Carol Berkin states, “One of the great engines of American history is the struggle to decided and declare that voting was a right, not a privilege,” and arguably it’s still a decision we are fighting over to this day.

Each generation has battled voter suppression in some capacity whether through laws and regulations that disproportionately affect minorities or vigorous redistricting to favor one political party over another to dissuade ballots cast for candidates with opposing views.

There’s also the issue of money being allowed to talk at a volume that nearly drowns out all other voices as discussed in episode two, “Can You Buy an Election?” The position of the series is that money is an amplifier not a guarantee of success in an election, however, it can influence how people vote in an election based on whose ads they see.

Whose Vote Counts Explained makes an effort to extol the importance of voting in local elections. America is a nation of united states, meaning the federal government has power but state governments do as well. How lax or restrictive a state is about federal laws they must adhere to is up to elected officials and those officials are appointed by the people they govern, the same people who voted for them. It works the same on the county and city level as well.

Your vote matters. It will shape your life and the lives of everyone around you. Whose Vote Counts Explained details the truth in the power of your vote and why politicians have fought to suppress it through gerrymandering, excessive voter roll purging, and other tactics meant to sway and steal elections.

If your vote didn’t matter, they wouldn’t have to try so hard to silence your political voice. So, if you’re still undecided on whether you should vote or not, watch this mini-docuseries, and you’ll see just how powerful one ballot can be.

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To register to vote or check your voter registration status, go to nass.org/can-I-vote. If you’d like to check the registration deadline for your state, go to usa.gov/register-to-vote.