The memes of the Harry Potter series and what stayed with us all


Fans of the Harry Potter series know that so many aspects of this series have become infamous among fans but which are the memes that have stayed with us after all this time?

Remember when Harry Potter was screaming about how Sirius Black was his parents’ friend or telling the Dursleys he’ll be in his room pretending he doesn’t exist? These iconic moments from the movies have bled into fandom and many turn to them to make us laugh over and over again.

But why do these particularly “memes” stand out? Probably because they’re the most relatable and the ones we can quote the most. Saying “I’ve done my waiting” for things just feels second nature at this point because it’s a joke we’ve been making since Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban came out.

More than that though, it’s a fun way to look back on the films and the moments we loved. Quoting them or using reaction images or just making jokes about the series all shows our appreciation while still calling out the absurdity of these specific moments.

The Harry Potter series was something so many of us found incredibly serious but there were fun moments there that we can explore and still use for jokes today. Granted, when you stop and think about Harry yelling about Sirius Black, it’s a sad set of circumstances but still, it’s kind of funny listening to “He was their friend and he betrayed them. HE WAS THEIR FRIEND” over and over again.

Our jokes are meant with love but also a good meme is a good meme and sometimes, we just need to laugh.

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What is your favorite meme from the Harry Potter series? Let us know which you love in the comments below!