Here’s how to visit Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing campaign island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image Courtesy Nintendo
Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Image Courtesy Nintendo /

The idea of meeting the voters where they are has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020. But Joe Biden’s campaign has adapted – by joining the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Democratic nominee Joe  Biden is going where no candidate has gone before – into the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

The latest installment in Nintendo’s mega-popular simulation franchise has taken the country by storm over the past few months, as we’ve all used its virtual world of fishing tournaments, bug hunting, and competitive home improvement projects to take our minds off the real-world problems presented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ever since the game launched, Nintendo Switch players have taken to the internet to share their custom clothing designs, favorite characters, and designer island decor. But now there’s a new neighbor (sort of) in town.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has decided to take that age-old saying of meeting voters where they are to heart. The campaign has launched an official “Biden HQ” island, themed and decorated with perennial Biden favorites like ice cream and trains, as well as field offices, a polling station, and multiple reminders about how to make a voting plan.

(Spoiler alert: Biden has both Raymond and Julian as neighbors. I’m mad jealous.)

“With less than three weeks until Election Day, we are continuing to reach out to voters across the country wherever they are,” said Christian Tom, Biden’s director of digital partnerships told CNET. “Biden HQ will encourage players to explore all the ways they can make a plan to vote at and help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Visitors to Biden’s Animal Crossing office can grab custom designs for clothing and hats and text a real-world number to get sent a link to more virtual swag on the campaign website. An Animal Crossing version of the candidate himself (sporting aviators, of course) wanders the island, spouting Biden’s signature “No malarkey!” catchphrase.

It’s all extremely adorable, is what I’m saying. And very easy to access!

The Biden HQ island is accessible via Dream Code – which means you’ll be able to fully explore it and interact with all its residents, but not enter Nooks Cranny, shop at the Able Sisters, or bring most found items home with you. (It is a dream, after all.) Just enter DA-7286-5710-7478 and Luna will get you on your way.

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What do you think of Biden’s Animal Crossing decor? Will you pay a dream visit to his HQ island? Let us know in the comments.