What Harry Potter adjacent properties we could still look to


Sure, it’s strange being a fan of the Harry Potter series right now but there are still some properties inspired by the series but not connected to it that we can appreciate.

Right now, revisiting the Harry Potter series shouldn’t be too high on your priority list. You can blame J.K. Rowling for that one. But that doesn’t mean we can look to adjacent properties that were inspired by the series but have no connection back to Rowling.

Like take Puffs for instance. The show which gives life to the Hufflepuffs out there is a great thing for many Potter fans to turn to and doesn’t give Rowling any attention or money. There’s also the A Very Potter Musical and the subsequent sequels that are fine because it takes the story and just creates its own version of the Harry Potter series set to original songs.

There is also the Potter Puppet Pals series with hilarious videos that many of us used to quote over and over again while we were growing up.

The point is, if you want to go back to the series and don’t particularly want to give Rowling that attention and satisfaction, there are plenty of fan made things you can look to instead. And that’s what we should be supporting right now anyway. Fan created content for the Harry Potter series is more important in this climate that just revisiting the series as a whole.

Not giving Rowling (and by extension those who continue to pay her) our attention is important to show that we do not agree with the transphobic tweets and blog posts she’s been sharing.

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What are your favorite Harry Potter adjacent properties? Let us know in the comments below!