What if Harry Potter was a horror story instead of a whimsical story of magic?


The Harry Potter series had some frightening twists and turns but was given to us in an easily digestible format. So what if it was a horror franchise instead?

As we enter into the spooky season of the year, many fans turn back to the Harry Potter series. It feels right to relive the magic during Halloween but what if Harry Potter came to us as a horror series instead of the fantasy world we were given?

Think about it, there are terrifying creatures and twists that probably shouldn’t have been in a kids story to begin with. So turning it full horror might be an interesting way of looking at the franchise. Think about just the first book alone.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, we have Voldemort murdering Harry’s parents, that creepy house the Dursley’s take him to, Fluffy, Quirrell having Voldemort on the back of his head and more. All of those elements are terrifying and adding them into a horror story would work.

Plus, this series does have extremely dark themes that we don’t really get into because it’s through the lens of a children’s story. Imagine something like The Haunting series on Netflix but with the same storyline as the Harry Potter series.

The point is, it would work. Just think about the Forbidden Forst in a horror movie. It’d be absolutely terrifying and would probably still be haunting our dreams. So would the series work through a horror lens? Absolutely and it’d be fun to explore these characters that way if we ever get the chance.

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Do you think that the Harry Potter series would work as a horror franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!