The importance of the Harry Potter Alliance now more than ever before


The Harry Potter Alliance is an important aspect of the series for fans and now its relevance is something that we should cherish and look to for guidance as fans.

An organization that’s main purpose is to make heroes out of the fans of pop culture franchises, the Harry Potter Alliance is an important thing to look to right now. As fans of this series, we’re now well aware of our duty as fans and allies to be there for the trans community in the aftermath of J.K. Rowling’s harmful transphobic tweets and blog post.

With activism groups all around the site, you can join Dumbledore’s Army and find out ways to help and the organization does put their efforts towards helping the LGBTQIA+ community which is what fans of the series should be doing.

The website has plenty of resources at your disposal to turn to if you have questions about what you should be doing as fans of the series and how to help. They’re also currently trying to get fans far and wide (in the United States of course) to register to vote and get ready to have their voices being heard in the 2020 Presidential election.

And doing this by putting fans first and using the power of fandom is an incredible move from the site. Their vision is simple: ”

We envision a world without regional, demographic, or financial barriers to leadership opportunities, and where activism is sustainable because it is approached with joy and bolstered by community support”.

And fans of the Harry Potter series and fans in general should take a look at what the Harry Potter Alliance is doing and take note.

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