Who asked for a remake of The Others when the Nicole Kidman version is RIGHT there?

Nicole Kidman is one of those actors who has an incredible filmography, including The Others — but now there is going to be a remake of the classic film.

So, Universal Pictures seems to be considering a remake of the horror film The Others that starred Nicole Kidman, and here’s the thing: Who asked for this? The 2001 film was a gothic horror that took us to a dark world and showed us a different side to Nicole Kidman.

But it also isn’t one of those movies that seems as if it would be a major hit — at least, not to the extent that the studio would remake it. The box-office success was terrifying for the time and recreating it now would just seem as if they were still trying to recreate the magic the film had back when it was released.

Set in 1945, the original film brought in over $200 million dollars worldwide and wowed audiences with its twists and turns. But with movies like The Others, it feels strange to try and recreate something that worked so well at the time? And Nicole Kidman was incredible as Grace Stewart.

But the news comes with the idea to “modernize” the story. So we probably wouldn’t see another version of The Others set in 1945. It could be interesting to see this new take on it but also we don’t need to just modernize every story that we’ve already seen out there in the world.

Who knows if this will even come to fruition and maybe the movie is just going to take the idea of that same story and grow it out from there but until we know more, this is one of those things where we have to ask ourselves one simple question: Why?

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