The beauty of a patronus in the Harry Potter series


Getting to pick your patronrus is an important part of the Harry Potter series and brings up why so many fans enjoy picking what their thing would be throughout different aspects of the franchise.

There are many aspects of the Harry Potter series you get to pick for yourself like your patronus. But there is a reason that that part of the series is so fun for fans. Mainly because we get to pick which part of the series we want to connect to and pick our own magic, in a sort of way.

When you’re a fan of the series, you tend to pick which Hogwarts House you’d be in or what your wand would be and so on and so forth and that’s because it’s the series we grew up loving so we want to be included in that. Our love also includes a patronus.

The spirit-like animal that emits from your wand as you yell “Expecto Patronus” protects you and getting to figure out what animal yours would be is fun because it reflects back to you and how you feel about life and yourself.

So yeah, the series isn’t real and we’re often reminded that just because you’re a Gryffindor, it doesn’t mean anything but for us, it’s something we chose to be a part of from a young age and clung to. The choices we made may not be the same ones we’d make now but still. We picked our house, found what our wand would be, and searched for a patronus that would work for us all.

And that’s what makes this series so fun and special to so many fans out there.

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