The dementors and why they’re still frightening to Harry Potter fans

Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City
Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City /

When it comes to scary things in the Harry Potter series, the Dementors are definitely high up on the list so why are they still so scary to fans of the franchise?

With the Harry Potter series, there are plenty of things to think about and be frightened by and the Dementors are one of them. The guards of Azkaban loom over there and wait to try and take the only happy memories from those who cross their paths.

For whatever reason, that, as readers, seems to stay with us longer because we know that that is something you cannot get back. With a lot of the scary aspects of the franchise, it is brief and fleeting but the problem with the Dementors is that coming in contact with them means that you’re always going to have to suffer just that little bit.

It’s probably why that cold creeps in when fans think about them and it’s stayed with us through all this time. Whatever it is about the Dementors, they are just something we tend to connect back to in fear.

We remember that feeling when we first read about them or when we first saw the movies. That fear even remains in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. And, through it all, we still think about the terrifying nature and idea of them existing in real life. Especially since their goal is to take away whatever bit of happiness the person they’re coming in contact with has.

So after all these years, we’re still living in fear of the Dementors and it honestly makes sense.

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Are you afraid of the Dementors? What’s your biggest fear from the Harry Potter series? Let us know in the comments below!