Why is the Harry Potter series filled with men that we shouldn’t forgive?

Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City
Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City /

From Snape and Dumbledore and beyond, the Harry Potter series is filled with men that don’t deserve our forgiveness. So why do they get a pass from fans of the franchise?

The Harry Potter series has some questionable characters in it and, for whatever reason, Harry forgave some of them for the way they treated him and, in turn, the fandom has also forgiven their actions. But is that right?

Focusing on the adults in Harry’s life, the Harry Potter franchise has so many people (particularly men) who do the wrong thing, especially in regards to how they treat young students. Snape not only verbally abuses Harry but he wrongfully puts blame on him over and over again for something that James Potter did to him when they were kids.

Dumbledore puts Harry in trouble over and over again and that’s not even getting started on the plethora of problems with the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers and how they treat the students.

So why do fans forgive these characters? I think it’s because Harry does. That doesn’t mean that I personally put my hatred of Snape aside just because Harry did. Maybe Harry saw that their deaths were enough for him but their actions should still be discussed, especially within fandom.

It’s a strange thing to realize when you look at the series. Most of the adults rely much too heavily on a child and think that it’s okay because he’s meant to bring down Voldemort but really, he’s just a teenager and they’re throwing the weight of the world on his shoulders with no regard for how he can handle it all.

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