The Halloween season and the Harry Potter series


Maybe it’s because it is often a big deal in the series or maybe it is something else entirely but for whatever reason, Harry Potter and Halloween go hand in hand with one another.

Halloween for Harry Potter was always a time. It marked a terrible anniversary for him, it brought strange things to Hogwarts, and, for fans, that feeling stayed with us as well. So what is it about the Halloween season and the Harry Potter series that we always associate with each other? It is, sadly, probably because of the death of James and Lily Potter.

From the first moment we met Harry, his parents had been killed on Halloween night. When all the kids were running around dressed up like witches and wizards without knowing about the wizarding world hidden right underneath their noses, Voldemort was trying to rise to power.

Sadly, Harry lost his parents in order for Voldemort to fall but it did kick off the series that many had come to know and love. With it all though left us, as fans, excited about what journey lay ahead for Harry and his friends and every Halloween season kind of brings those same feelings back.

Probably because we know that Halloween was always something different for Harry but still, it reminds us of the series and let’s be honest: who among us hasn’t dressed like something from the Harry Potter series for Halloween at some point in our lives? It’s the easy costume for fans because we…probably all have wands and fake glasses (a perk of being a fan).

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Do you think that the Harry Potter series has a stronger connection to Halloween? Why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!