Fall and Harry Potter: Why fans love the colder weather for the series


For many of us, we know the Harry Potter series as a back to school adventure but why is it that we feel most at home with the series when it is fall or there’s colder weather outside?

Fall means a lot of things: cozy sweaters and fireplaces and Harry Potter? For whatever reason we love to revisit the series when we can be bundled up with hot drinks and thinking about magic. Maybe it’s because during the summer, the kids from Hogwarts go back to their homes. So we’ve only really seen the series take place in colder weather months.

But whatever the case is, we do love to go back to Hogwarts when we can be nice and cozy in a blanket. Why though? It’s not like the books or the movies came out only in the fall. In fact, a great deal of them came out in July. But, for whatever reason, the colder weather makes us feel about the series and the magic that awaited us at Hogwarts.

Everyone has their favorite thing to do with the Harry Potter series though. Whether it is re-reading the books or watching the movies, we go back because that’s when it felt the most like the series we’d come to love. Maybe there’s something special about the colder weather and the Harry Potter series or maybe it’s just one of those things where it feels like the right time to revisit it and we don’t really question why that is.

So get out your Harry Potter sweaters and hot drinks and get ready to revisit the series in your own way.

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When is your favorite time to revisit the Harry Potter series? Let us know what you think in the comments below!