The creators of Hogwarts Legacy try to claim that J.K. Rowling had nothing to do with the game

Hogwarts Legacy. Image courtesy Warner Bros. Games
Hogwarts Legacy. Image courtesy Warner Bros. Games /

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that many fans would have dreamed of years ago but now, with the challenging world created because of J.K. Rowling, it’s a lot more complicated than getting to play and have fun.

The creators of Hogwarts Legacy and Warner Bros. want us all to know that the game was not directly connected to J.K. Rowling. Here’s the problem: Yes it is and yes, she’ll probably benefit from it. Even if she didn’t have her hands in the game, it’s the world that she built. And until we start to actively separate her from the series, she’s involved whether they like it or not.

The issue isn’t that we can’t support any property that deals with Harry Potter. It’s that, right now, it is still heavily connected to Rowling’s checkbook. So buying this game that many have waited for just means that you’re, unintentionally, giving Rowling your support even if you don’t want to.

Which is probably why those behind the game want to distance themselves as much as possible. The problem being that she will in some way benefit from it. You can’t at this point completely separate anything from Rowling if it has to do with the Wizarding World.

So yeah, in theory, this game could be completely original but Warner Bros. also needs to recognize that we, as consumers, know that Rowling still probably made money off it. Maybe it’ll show them that, in the future, anything connected to her will suffer because of her words. Or maybe not but…it is complicated.

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Are you going to play Hogwarts Legacy? Or are you making sure you don’t support J.K. Rowling any further? Let us know what you think in the comments below!