The new iPhone update has fans making sure to make their Hogwarts houses proud

Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City
Photo: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.. Image Courtesy Jam City /

Now that you can make your iPhone home screen an aesthetic dream, some fans of the Harry Potter series are making it themed to their Hogwarts houses and it’s great!

The new iPhone update makes it so that you can rearrange your home screen to whatever you want and Harry Potter fans are using it to their advantage and bringing the Hogwarts houses to life! With the ability to make each page different, it’s perfect to represent all four Hogwarts houses and maybe even have a Harry Potter themed first page!

This new update isn’t just fun in that way but in the sense that you can create whatever fits you and your personality. So if you want to make all your pages Gryffindor themed? You can! It’s honestly kind of fun because it is your own journey and whatever sticks for you.

But looking online, there were quite a few Harry Potter themed ones that are fun and a great way of showing your love of the series. But all four Hogwarts houses might not be for you and that’s okay too.

It’s just a fun aspect to your phone now. It’s very you and what you want because sometimes, that’s what you need for your phone. It might not be for everyone, there are plenty who don’t care about what their phone looks like but at least we all know now that if we wanted to have a Potter themed phone, that’s well within our reach.

So go out there, start getting your pictures organized and fun, and get to making your phone very much the phone you want to have. Even if you want it to be Peeves themed.

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