Fans are conflicted about the new Harry Potter game for the PS 5

Hogwarts Legacy. Image courtesy Warner Bros. Games
Hogwarts Legacy. Image courtesy Warner Bros. Games /

Harry Potter fans have had a time currently and now, with Hogwarts Legacy, many are torn on whether or not they can support this since there will probably be some kind of profit for J.K. Rowling.

A lot of fans of the Harry Potter series are torn. With the announcement of Hogwarts Legacy, we’re now forced to make a choice: Support the Harry Potter series or stand behind our statements about Rowling and not giving her money from our pockets. What’s hard with Hogwarts Legacy is that there are many creators who had been working on this game for years and trying to hurt Rowling also, by extension, hurts them.

So that’s where the dilemma comes in. Sure, she’s not directly in charge of this game but it is still her world and she’s probably going to end up with a cut of it in some way shape or form. So it all boils down to whether or not you’re willing to stand up against Rowling and show her that her stance and her words do have meaning or you support the creators and then, by extension Rowling.

Do you see why this is so complicated? It’s not that fans aren’t excited, a lot of the tweets about the game were conflicted because it is a long time coming and then….Rowling had to go and completely double-down on her terrible stance over and over again. So, to be honest, I think whatever money you were going to spend on Hogwarts Legacy could be spent helping the trans community that Rowling has hurt with her transphobic tweets and blog posts.

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