Romance round-up: 5 August releases to round out your summer

You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria. Image Courtesy HarperCollins Publishing
You Had Me At Hola by Alexis Daria. Image Courtesy HarperCollins Publishing /
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Loathe at First Sight by Suzanne Park

Melody Joo has landed her dream job in Suzanne Park‘s Loathe at First Sight. She’s finally a video game producer. Problem is, her work environment is toxic. Between her CEO and her male co-workers, Melody’s dream is quickly turning into a nightmare. Her boss’ nephew, Nolan MacKenzie, isn’t making things any better. Sure, he’s handsome, but he’s also infuriating and nepotism isn’t attractive.

The one light in Melody’s life is the mobile game she created as a joke. Who would have thought male strippers in a post-apocalyptic world fighting to survive would be a hit? It’s the company’s highest-profile project, which means Melody’s in charge. It also means Nolan being put on Melody’s team, which is the absolute last thing that she wants.

In a surprising turn, at least to Melody, Nolan is smart and competent. She also has to keep reminding herself that he’s her intern. Their focus should be on the project, nothing else. But attraction tends to skirt pesky rules like that. Though it’s not like Melody’s mind isn’t elsewhere either. She’s navigating a minefield at work and there’s a troll impeding her every move.

Nolan could win her heart, but with everything going on, does Melody even have the time to slow down for love?

Loathe at First Sight is available now in print, audio, and e-book format for your TBR list needs!