New trailer for Netflix’s Enola Holmes is here and it’s pure fun

Enola Holmes. Image Courtesy Netflix, Legendary
Enola Holmes. Image Courtesy Netflix, Legendary /

The new trailer for Enola Holmes has been released and it’s super fun

The stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have been retold a million times, but the story of Enola Holmes has yet to be told. Who is Enola Holmes, you may ask? She is Sherlock and Mycroft’s younger sister, of course! She is getting her own Netflix movie coming Sept. 23.

The movie is based on the Nancy Springer novel, The Case of the Missing Marquess, where Enola’s mother goes missing and Enola knows that only she can find her. But to do so, she’ll have to get around her stuffy brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, who are trying to make her into a “proper” lady.

Based on the trailer alone, this looks beyond amazing. Not only does it star Millie Bobby Brown (who is also producing the film) as Enola Holmes, it also features Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes, and Helena Bonham Carter as their mother. You can’t really get a better cast than that!

The trailer also shows that the fourth wall will be broken and Enola will be speaking directly to the audience during some moments in the movie. I don’t know about you, but when this is done right (like it looks like it was done here), it is one of my favorite things ever.

As the trailer goes on, we see that Enola’s adventure to find her mother is anything but easy. She must deal with a “useless boy” AKA Vicount Tewksbury, jump from a speeding train, and fight her way through the streets of London. But as she’s a Holmes, she is more than prepared to take on the challenges that get in her way.

She even must become the one thing she’s been trying to stay away from her whole life: a proper English lady!! Well, she at least has to disguise herself as one.

Millie Bobby Brown shines in the trailer so she’s sure to steal the whole movie. Finally seeing her with a British accent and in a period drama will definitely be a change from her role as Eleven on Stranger Things.

As a Sherlock Holmes superfan, I could not be more excited for this movie. What’s better than when a classic is turned on its head so it can be more inclusive of more people?

As the novel is only the first in a series, maybe we will get subsequent films based on those books if this does well enough. Fingers crossed!

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