DC FanDome: 5 things we learned from the Wonder Woman: 1984 panel

GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “WONDER WOMAN 1984,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “WONDER WOMAN 1984,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. /

DC FanDome kicked off its Hall of Heroes events with a panel covering Wonder Woman: 1984. Here’s what we learned.

DC FanDome couldn’t have picked a better panel than Wonder Woman: 1984 to kick off its Hall of Heroes events on August 22. After a long summer without superhero movies, fans are eager to see more of the releases that should have already hit theaters by now — and the Wonder Woman sequel is chief among those.

Now slated to hit theaters on October 2, the movie will take Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince to the ’80s to face off against Pedro Pascal’s villain, Maxwell Lord, and Kritin Wiig’s Cheetah. All three actors were onhand to discuss the upcoming film, along with Chris Pine, who’s reprising his role as Steve Trevor, and Patty Jenkins, who directed, wrote, and produced both the first film and the sequel.

In addition to answering fans’ questions and talking about Wonder Woman’s legacy, the group also unveiled the official second trailer for the film.

Watch the new trailer for Wonder Woman: 1984 here:

Despite the panel being way shorter than we would have liked, there’s plenty to discuss about the next chapter in Diana’s story. Here’s what we learned.

Lynda Carter Is a Fan

The Wonder Woman panel opened with fan messages and questions, and the last video message was original Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter popping in to say hello to the cast. As it turns out, she’s as much a fan of the new movies as the rest of us are — and Gal Gadot’s take on the character actually made Carter’s daughter realize why the world loves this DC icon so much.

It was a treat getting to see the impact Carter has had on the current cast of Wonder Woman — and how much she still appreciates the character after all this time.

We’re Getting More of the Amazons

The most new information about Wonder Woman: 1984 came from its second trailer, and footage of Diana training in a gladiator-like setting with other Amazons appears at the very beginning.

Following this, it quickly segues into the ’80s storyline that the film focuses on, but we’re hoping we’ll get to see more of the Amazons, even if it’s only briefly.

We Know Cheetah’s Motivations

We all knew Kristen Wiig’s character would become the villain Cheetah in the upcoming sequel, but the first full-length trailer showed her on friendly terms with Diana. Those wondering what, exactly, inspired her to become a villain got their answer with the new footage: She’s sick of being average and overlooked.

The trailer shows several moments of Cheetah — or Barbara — telling Diana that people like her “never have anything,” and there’s also a glimpse of Pascal’s character playing off of her insecurities. (Well, the world’s insecurities, really.) Given how relatable Wiig’s character seems, she should make a compelling enemy for Diana.

Cheetah’s Costume Is Perfect

It’s common knowledge that Diana’s new golden suit is absolutely stunning, but the new trailer offered a look at Cheetah’s costume — and it’s equally as impressive.

It’s furry, and almost reminiscent of Cats, but Wiig pulls the look off stunningly. It’ll be interesting to see if the costume is just about the aesthetic, or if there’s something more powerful behind it. (For her to go toe to toe with Diana, we have to assume the latter.)

We’re Getting ’80s Jokes

The new trailer ends with Steve attempting to fit into the ’80s — so, naturally, we get him trying on a fanny pack and some parachute pants. It’s silly moments like these that will set the stage for this sequel, and we can’t wait to see how the setting fits into it all. (We’re here for all the ’80s references and humor, thank you.)

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