We have some logistic questions about Professor Quirrell and Voldemort


Do you ever stop and think about Voldemort living on the back of Professor Quirrell’s head and start asking questions about how it worked out? Because that’s what this is.

Professor Quirrell gave up his life to be a servant to Voldemort. Why? No one really knows but it is interesting that Quirrell just offered up the back of his head to Voldemort and said “time for us to live together and you’re going to be hidden the entire time” and that was that.

Like did they stop and have a conversation together at any point of did Quirrell just have to pretend like he wasn’t there? Did they get to watch movies and stuff with each other or just pretend the other doesn’t exist?

It’s a little sad that it’s such an interesting aspect to the series because it’s not really that important. But the more we stop and think about it as fans, the more we want to know how exactly Voldemort and Quirrell existed with each other and why that was something they chose to do.

Who knows, maybe there was no other way but thinking about their living situation even for just a little while seems to be a bit much. Honestly, I hope that eventually, someone asked Voldemort about it. Like one of the Death Eaters just gets around to talking about when he was living on Quirrell’s head and is like “what happened there? How did you handle it” because honestly, someone has to be a bit concerned about what went down?

So…maybe we can learn a bit more about that situation someday?

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How do you think Professor Quirrell and Voldemort made it work? Let us know what you think in the comments below!