Colin Farrell was a great addition to the world of Harry Potter. Can he come back?

When it came to Percival Graves, we all fell in love with Colin Farrell in the Harry Potter series but our dreams were short-lived. But could Graves come back to Fantastic Beasts?

When Percival Graves showed up in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, many fans were excited to see Colin Farrell in the series. But then, just as quickly as he showed up, he was gone as it was revealed that he was Grindelwald in disguise.

But here’s the thing about polyjuice potion: That’s not what Grindelwald used. It was revealed that it was a transfiguration spell used by Grindelwald so Percival Graves…doesn’t exist. Which…just seems unnecessary and mean. The character was exciting and to know that we just won’t ever see him again because he was some creation?

It’s a little annoying because it was something we could have explored in future movies in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series and would have brought Colin Farrell back to the franchise. Instead, we’re left with just the Graves we saw in the first movie and that’s that.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll never see him again. Think about it. Graves was his alias for when he was in New York. He could easily use Graves again as a face and it could bring Colin Farrell back to the series while still honoring the fact that it is Grindelwald. It’d be nice to have Farrell back but at least we had Percival Graves in the first Fantastic Beasts movie and we’ll always have that.

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