4 major ways Agents of SHIELD set the standard for future Marvel television series

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Agents of SHIELD ended its seven-year run, leaving huge shoes to fill in the Marvel television landscape.

After seven seasons of world-saving shenanigans, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has come to an end. Like most of the well-done series finales on television, the show’s final episode was essentially a love letter to the fans of the little MCU show that could. While the show worked in a joke during season six stating that they have a “small but active fanbase,” the finale topped off at a whopping 1.5 million viewers. Active, indeed.

Although it tied up a lot of its own loose ends, Agents of SHIELD‘s finale also set up possible future storylines, using a flash-forward to one year after the events of the finale. We see that the team is now firmly established in new phases of their lives. FitzSimmons are enjoying “retirement” with their daughter Alya. May is overseeing the rebuilt SHIELD academy (now called the Coulson Academy) that includes Flint as a new recruit. Mack and Yo-Yo are still together and serving as active agents of SHIELD, along with Piper and a Chronicom Davis. Coulson the Chronicom took a sabbatical and is looking to extend it for a while. Meanwhile, Daisy Johnson (who has come a long way from being Skye the hacker) is possibly the leader of her own Agents of SWORD squad, which includes her sister, Kora, and the “Man Out of Time” himself, Daniel Sousa.

The longest-running MCU show set the bar high for future Marvel series. Let’s look back at some examples of what made the series so memorable.

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