Harry Potter and his inability to talk about everything that happened to him

Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)
Harry Potter Actor Daniel Radcliffe (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images) /

There was so much in Harry Potter’s life that probably weighed down heavily upon him and yet, in the series, he doesn’t actually talk that much about it. Why is that?

Harry Potter did not have an easy life. It was shown to us time and time again how much he struggled throughout his time before and after Hogwarts and yet there never was really any exploration of his life and how it weighed down on him. Sure, in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, there is a reference to the weight of it all but there isn’t much else.

Why is that? Why is Harry taking on all this without anyone really looking out for him. It is something that always was frustrating about the series. No one seemed to care about how Harry was coping with everything being thrown at him or if he was doing okay mentally.

So many people in the series cared about him succeeding to stop Voldemort but never really stopped to care about Harry as just a character. All the series needed was one person to stop and wonder how this child was doing instead of focusing everything on what he could do for the wizarding world instead of what was best for him.

It’s a little upsetting that that is all he was worth to the professors of Hogwarts and those around him and Harry, as a character, deserved so much more than being a pawn for the war against the Dark Lord and deserves to be happy too.

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