Netflix’s Cursed: 5 places the series can go in season 2

CURSED (L TO R) KATHERINE LANGFORD as NIMUE and DEVON TERRELL as ARTHUR in episode 104 of CURSED Cr. Netflix © 2020 /

It’s unclear if Netflix is planning a second season for its newest fantasy hit, Cursed. If it is, though, there are a few places it can take the story.

Netflix’s Cursed was always going to attract attention with Katherine Langford in the lead, but the Arthurian retelling exceeded all expectations when it arrived on the platform in July. And the series got better and better as it found its footing — but it’s still unclear if it’s going to get the chance to deliver on all its potential in a second season.

Unlike Netflix’s Warrior NunCursed does come to a conclusion that could hypothetically end the series. It links Nimue to her Lady of the Lake persona, wraps up the majority of storylines, and leaves things open-ended enough to keep fans wanting more. But that doesn’t mean Netflix is going to give us more.

Given the demand for the series, however, we have to think that Netflix would at least consider continuing the story. After all, it’s not as though there aren’t places it could take the narrative, with or without Nimue. (Hopefully with!)

So where could Cursed go if it’s renewed for season two? We have some ideas about what it could explore.

Arthur’s Journey

Although Arthur wasn’t the one to wield Excalibur — or to take centerstage —  in Cursed, he still plays a pretty major role in the series. And with Nimue gone (supposedly), the fate of the Fey could be left to him. After all, she entrusted him with her people — and her death is only likely to make him more determined to make good on his word.

The only issue with Arthur taking up the mantle in season two is that it would suggest Nimue’s story only happened to further his — an all-too-common trope when it comes to women’s narratives, and one we’d hate to see the Netflix series perpetuate. If Arthur was to handle the political side of things until Nimue returned, however, we’d be here for it.

The Return of Merlin’s Powers

It wouldn’t be a story about Excalibur without Merlin, who actually turns out to be Nimue’s father in this telling. The Merlin we meet during season one of Cursed, however, is one without his powers — and without the esteem he’s normally given in these types of stories. Instead, the magician is disgraced and morally conflicted for most of season one. And it’s only after Nimue is supposedly killed that his powers return to him when he takes up Excalibur.

There’s so much history to explore with Merlin’s character, not to mention that Netflix could make an entire series just about his psyche. He’s one of those morally grey additions to the series that we want to see more of — and getting to see who he becomes after Nimue’s demise, and after rediscovering his powers, sounds like a journey well worth going on.

Morgana’s New Role

The end of Cursed‘s first season sees Morgana defeating the Widow, then becoming her. And if the series’ most interesting character is going to become the embodiment of death, we’d like to see how she handles that. We’d also like to see how Nimue’s death weights on her, particularly since she was unable to stop it from occurring.

There are honestly so many questions Cursed still needs to answer about Morgana and her fate, and while it could leave things a mystery — fitting, since death remains a mystery — we’d totally be here for a dark, Morgana-centric second season, full of ghostly entities. Actually, the more we talk about it, the more excited we are.

Adventures of Percival and Lancelot

Cursed made a habit of introducing characters, only to later reveal who from Arthurian lore they were based off of. And learning that Nimue’s young friend, Squirrel, is actually Percival was only topped by discovering that the Weeping Monk is actually Lancelot — a reveal that doesn’t come until the end of the very last episode.

These two wander off together, leaving fans to wonder what’s next for them. And it’d be great if Netflix actually answered that question in a second season. We’d still want strong, women-centered stories, but we wouldn’t mind shifting focus to these two a bit. (Okay, we really wouldn’t mind shifting focus to the Weeping Monk.)

Continuation of Nimue’s Story

The season-one finale of Cursed very much leaves Nimue’s story open. Although the series seems to suggest she’s dead at the end, we know that she has magic — possibly enough to survive her injuries and her time underwater. And anything goes in fantasy, so we can imagine numerous ways they can bring her character back — even if it doesn’t happen until the tail end of the second season.

Langford excelled as Nimue, and we’d hate for her to disappear from the show entirely. She has so much more to offer, and we hope Netflix green lights Cursed for a second season so that Nimue’s character can eventually shine yet again.

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Do you think Netflix should renew Cursed for a second season? If so, where do you want the story to go from here?