What to watch on Netflix: British teen thriller Get Even

This week don’t get mad, Get Even with the girls of DGM  on Netflix as they expose bullies and deal with being framed for murder.

Well, Netflix watchers, July has come to a close, and we’ve been riding a wave of women-led content like Warrior Nun, The Old Guard, and Cursed all month. And, while we’re sure The Umbrella Academy season 2 is on your watch list — perhaps even Last Chance U: Laney, the football docuseries’ final season — might we also suggest the British teen thriller Get Even?

Get Even is an adaptation of Gretchen McNeil’s book series Don’t Get Mad. The show premiered on BBC iPlayer on Valentine’s Day. Think of the series as part love letter to anyone who’s been bullied and wanted to expose their tormentors for the abusers they are.

The series also examines what happens when the good you were trying to do gets used against you, and your own life has the potential of being exposed.

Get Even follows the story of Kitty Wei (Kim Adis), Bree Deringer (Mia McKenna-Bruce), Margot Rivers (Bethany Antonia), and Olivia Hayes (Jessica Alexander) who come together to form DGM aka Don’t Get Mad.

This girl squad of pseudo vigilantes is sick of the bullying that runs rampant in their school from their fellow students and their coaches but rather than sit back and take it, the girls decide to do something about it.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Get Even below:

Turn about is fair play, and if someone thinks they can hurt or humiliate another person for their own amusement, DGM will show them how wrong they are. Comprised of an overachiever, a troublemaker, a gamer, and a popular girl, DGM uses their respective skillsets to expose bullies and hold them accountable for their actions.

DGM assigning themselves the title of judge, jury, and punisher comes with the exhilarating rush of being able to make a difference at their school. Seeing their methods as just, necessary, and effective, the girls are blindsided by an accusation of murder after one of their targets is found dead clutching a note with DGM written on it.

The girls of DGM deal in retaliation not murder, but they’re going to have to clear their group’s name on their own, all while keeping their identities hidden. Things have spiraled out of control, and there’s a question of whether they’re victims or villains.

Did someone inspired by DGM’s work take things too far with fatal consequences? Or is a murderer using them as a scapegoat to cover up their own crime? Either way, any goodwill DGM garnered is burning away quickly as rumors swarm and authorities begin asking questions that hit too close to home.

Get Even will be available to stream July 31.

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