Katie Leung really wants everyone to wear a mask and she’s right!


Our very own Cho Chang, Katie Leung, wants her fans and those who follow her to wear their masks and she’s right! You should be protecting yourself and others.

Katie Leung has been an incredible person to watch on social media. While she was our Cho Chang in the Harry Potter series, she’s since gone on to use her platform to support the LGBTQIA+ community while making sure those who follow her do the right thing. Like wear a mask.

Taking to Twitter, she shared a funny sign about those who refuse to wear a mask and how they’re selfish for not doing so.

She’s also been incredibly vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement and recently posted about Breonna Taylor on her Instagram page as a reminder about what happened to the EMT who was living in Kentucky.

While joining in with many online to share their support and willing people to wear masks, it’s wonderful to see the stars of the Harry Potter series use their platform for good. Many have turned towards supporting the trans community after Rowling’s harsh words (as the should) and Katie Leung was among one of the stars helping promote places to donate to (including Black trans organizations).

She’s an incredible actress, a wonderful person, and see her go online to ask people to be aware of what’s going on and using her platform for good is something wonderful to see. These actors helped bring something we all loved to life and now, they’re using that platform it created to help others and that’s what makes the actors who were a part of the Harry Potter series so great.

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Have you been wearing your mask? Let’s see your pictures in the comments below!