Bill and Ted Face the Music drops most excellent final trailer, new release date

Bill and Ted Face the Music. Image Courtesy Orion Pictures
Bill and Ted Face the Music. Image Courtesy Orion Pictures /

The virtual Comic Con@Home panel for Bill and Ted Face the music features a new trailer, a new release date, and some heart-tugging tidbits about the new sequel.

Almost 30 years after we last listened to the most excellent music of one Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan, the duo also known as Wyld Stallions is back for the long-awaited and highly anticipated sequel Bill and Ted Face the Music

The film will reunite original stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves for another time-traveling adventure about friendship, a time-traveling pay phone, and the power of music to change the world.

In advance of their Comic Con@Home session, the full trailer for Bill and Ted Face the Music was released, and honestly, it’s everything we could have ever wanted. Bill and Ted facing multiple versions of themselves! Their daughters trying to form a most excellent band with various members of history! A song that can reunite humanity by “Preston and Logan”, which means the girls might get to help save the day!

In short: We’re all here for it.

The movie, which was originally supposed to hit theaters in August, also has a new release date of September 1. Given the fact that most movie theaters haven’t exactly reopened yet, the film will also simultaneously release on video on demand the same day. This is most triumphant news for those of us who love this franchise and have been waiting for literal decades to see the long-promised Bill and Ted 3, but who are also feeling a bit apprehensive about returning to regular movie-going life in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The film’s virtual Comic Con panel was a love fest for all things Bill and Ted, and included several surprising revelations, including the fact that the movie will feature a cameo from the late George Carlin, who famously played Bill and Ted’s mentor, Rufus, in the franchise’s first two installments. Carlin passed away in 2008.

Details on how exactly Rufus will appear – whether Carlin will be added digitally or if the filmmakers are using previously unseen footage from one of the first two movies – are still unclear. (Given that this announcement was basically made because moderator Kevin Smith was too excited to contain it, they may have not actually intended to give away this surprise just yet.

You can watch the full Comic Con@Home panel below, featuring stars Winter and Reeves, writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, director Dean Parisot and more.

The amount of love and care still exhibited by the cast and crew involved with this franchise is honestly a wonder to behold. Bring on September!

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Bill and Ted Face the Music will arrive in some theaters and on video on demand on September 1. Will you give it a look?