Quibi’s The Fugitive looks like an epic action series with a stellar cast

The Fugitive Season 1. Image Courtesy Richard Foreman, Jr., Quibi
The Fugitive Season 1. Image Courtesy Richard Foreman, Jr., Quibi /

Looking for something action packed to watch that also features a bit of mystery? You’ll want to check out Quibi’s The Fugitive.

If you are looking for an epic action series with a stellar cast, then you need to check out The Fugitive on Quibi. Not only does it feature the talents of Kiefer Sutherland, Boyd Holbrook, and Genesis Rodriguez, to name a few, but the storyline itself also looks engaging.

If you love a good action series, then you need to check out the trailer for the newest Quibi series, The Fugitive. And if the series title sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

The Fugitive is an update of both the 1963 television series and the movie from 1993 which starred Harrison Ford. So, while you may think you know what is going to happen, be prepared for a fresh take on the classic.

Check out the trailer for Quibi’s The Fugitive below:

Quibi Is Giving Us a Fresh Retelling

In this retelling, we get a modern look at what happens when social media becomes a part of an investigation into an act of terrorism. When a bomb goes off in a Los Angeles subway station, a man is wrongfully accused of the crime.

As he goes on the run as a fugitive, he does everything possible to prove his innocence, even as the detective on the case makes it clear that he will do everything in his power to stop the man he thinks is responsible (even going so far as to issue a shoot to kill order in the trailer). Considering Holbrook’s character is already a known criminal, having been out of prison for six months when the bomb goes off, it does make sense that he is the one being accused of the crime.

However, the fact that the case is based on faulty journalism makes it clear that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

The trailer for The Fugitive makes it clear that this is going to be an action packed series with a mystery at its core. And with a premiere date of August 3, we can’t wait to sit down and see how this cast makes this series shine.

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