The trailer for Hulu’s Helstrom takes Marvel into the world of horror

The first trailer for Hulu’s Helstrom promises the supernatural series will take the Marvel universe into truly uncharted territory: the world of horror.

Hulu released the first trailer for its upcoming supernatural series Helstromand this clip proves the series is unlike any other Marvel property that has come before.

Essentially the MCU’s first horror series, Helstrom follows the story of siblings Daimon and Ana Helstrom, the children of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. (In the Marvel comics on which this story is based, Daimon is literally the Son of Satan while Ana is known as Satana.)

Here, Daimon is an ethics professor and Ana runs an art house, and the two spend their spare time hunting down the worst of both the human world and the supernatural one. And though the show seems as though it will acknowledge the existence of demons, it also feels as though it’s purposefully downplaying its larger, let’s just call it, celestial connections.

(Much of this clip wouldn’t feel out of place on Hannibal or Prodigal Son is what I’m saying.)

Helstrom literally represents a whole new world for the MCU – no other film or television series has confronted themes of terror, evil, and darkness so directly, and this clearly won’t be a show for kids who just love them some Iron Man.

Most shows in the Marvel television universe have ended in recent months, as the franchise has busily consolidated itself around the idea of Disney+ as a central hub for its properties. Forthcoming big-name programs like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision will debut on the streaming service.

With Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD ending this spring and the previously forthcoming Ghost Rider series scrapped, Helstrom represents the last gasp of the original iteration of Marvel TV. What comes next isn’t 100% clear, but it certainly looks as though Helstrom is ready to usher it out with a bang of the same creativity, weirdness, and daring that so many of its predecessors had.